I’m Evie. I’m an Authorpreneur!

In 2014, my life changed forever. Cliche, I know! However, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree! I majored in Multidisciplinary Studies (focuses in English, sociology, & history), which ultimately introduced me to the magnificent world of business. Back then, my intrigue was superficial. Now, it’s my passion.

AuthorDoneWrite.com allows me to pursue all that I’d heard about back then. I’m an authorpreneur. A what, you ask? An authorpreneur! Not only do I plan on publishing my literary brainchildren, one day soon, I will offer multiple services for any authors aspiring to take their lives into their own hands. That was me over three years ago!

As I continue to scratch this authorpreneur itch, I hope to soon offer you the most targeted information to launch your own business pursuits while working toward publishing on your own terms!

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