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An author by day, a technical writer & editor by trade.

While I’m focusing on building a portfolio of only the best, most useful blog entries for writers like yourself for now, I’d like to introduce you to the future of Author Done Write. However, let’s go over my background. Shall we?

In 2014, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Multidisciplinary Studies (focuses in English, sociology, & history). My degree stems from a business background with a twist. I gained access to exclusive classes not open to B.A. degree programs and developed key skills that allowed me to snag my dream 9 to 5 job in under a month.

Let me explain.

While many English majors bog themselves down in Shakespeare research papers and yet another literaturecourse, I mentored underneath seasoned professionals of diverse backgrounds. Not only did I leverage their expertise across a variety of markets, I spent valuable time (not writing the hundredth double spaced, Times New Roman term paper) learning how to market myself amidst a very massive, competitive arena.

I understood what skills companies wanted to hire along with their shiny new toy employee. These skills weren’t taught at my university. They have to be developed, and all recent graduates must have a grasp on these if they desire a job nowadays. Equipped with my degree means I entered the professional realm already armed with a fleet of key skills the companies wouldn’t have to train me on.

What does any of that have to do with being an author?

TLDR: everything.

As I feverishly work around the clock to publish my debut novel, GRAVITY RISING, I also run my very own publishing business. Many of these pesky skills I allude to having? Yeah. You need them to be an indie author, too. Go figure. My goal for Author Done Write is to not only chronicle my indie author journey along the unpaved self-publishing road, but also provide my expertise to those writers who hunger to be authors.

What’s the difference?

Semantically? Absolutely nothing. It’s a trick of the mind. Anyone can be a writer. Similarly, anyone can be an author. These terms are interchangeable. However, I’d like to define my usage of the word author as a more business-minded writer.

Writing is in no way all business, but no one can argue that business isn’t involved in the writing process. How else could anyone publish and make money? They couldn’t without the business side of writing.

The future of Author Done Write.

I envision this to be my personal blog centered around the technical and business sides of writing, self-publishing, author marketing/branding/platforms, & so much more.

Here are only a few of my ideas for future offered services:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • First chapter critiques
  • Episodic free podcast
  • Skype consultations
  • Social media tips & tricks
  • YouTube equipment & camera kit reviews & checklists
  • Beta reading (likely also free dependent upon my interest in your manuscript)
  • Few-on-one Q&A sessions
  • Online courses centered on self-publishing & indie publishing companies
  • Author marketing templates for your free usage
  • In-depth software tutorials
  • MORE